The Guesthouse was started by Sri Lankan/Lao couple Dhammika  and Nittaya Wijetunga,  in 2008.

'Having arrived in Mirissa and established 'Secret Root Spa' two years earlier, we decided to rent out spare rooms in our home-  this eventually became The Secret Guesthouse, secret, due to our inland and, slightly off the beaten track location...

We were keen to create a space that embraced our beautiful natural surroundings but was simple yet stylish and comfortable, a place where people like ourselves would be able to afford and love staying. Gradually we made small improvements to increase our guests' comfort. But even as hot-water showers and air-conditioning were added over the years, we tried to keep sight of our original vision.

Over time our guesthouse alsobrought about some amazing friendships, returning guests who fell in love with Sri Lanka and dreamed of having a small corner for themselves. Our Bungalow, Moon Villa, and the brand new Cabana are proud outcomes of these heartfelt partnerships.'

Nittaya, Dhammika and Davan


The Secret Guesthouse, Bandaramulla, Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Tel: +94 773294332

Email: thesecretguesthouse@gmail.com